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GB-1102829-A: Contact structure for a power circuit breaker patent, GB-1103943-A: Packed separating columns of small diameter for liquid chromatography patent, GB-110451-A: Improvements in or connected with Motor Road Vehicles. patent, GB-1104658-A: Polymeric colour-formers for photographic use patent, GB-1104736-A: Improvements in or relating to flow meter proving apparatus patent, GB-1105443-A: Vehicle transmission patent, GB-1105467-A: Vacuum valve for milking plants patent, GB-1106450-A: A voltage controlled oscillator patent, GB-1107062-A: Improvements in or relating to drive systems patent, GB-1108106-A: A radio set assembly patent, GB-1108432-A: Improvements in or relating to roofs for vans or the like patent, GB-1108660-A: Package patent, GB-110904-A: Improvements in or relating to Artificial Limbs. patent, GB-1109199-A: Optical aligning device for parts of a machine patent, GB-1109804-A: Improvements in or relating to lathe driving centres patent, GB-1109919-A: Improvements in or relating to electrical connectors patent, GB-1110074-A: Vertical aerial for transmitting or receiving within a wide frequency range patent, GB-1110283-A: Hooks for the suspension of draperies patent, GB-1110443-A: Improved cigar making machine patent, GB-1110876-A: Improvements in cutting-drums for coal-mining machines patent, GB-1111100-A: A process for the manufacture of composite threads and textile products composed of such threads patent, GB-1111486-A: Push controls for electrical apparatus patent, GB-1112491-A: Vehicle cleaning means patent, GB-1113139-A: Thermal safety switch patent, GB-1113149-A: A process for the production of ion exchangers based on crosslinked acrylate polymers patent, GB-1113496-A: Working aluminous metals patent, GB-1113711-A: Rotary spherical valve patent, GB-1114907-A: New polypeptides and a process for their manufacture patent, GB-1115703-A: Pharmaceutical anti-androgenic composition and dosage units thereof patent, GB-1115831-A: Printing machine patent, GB-1116828-A: Guide vane arrangement in reversible pump-turbines and pumps patent, GB-1116848-A: Metallic permanent magnet material patent, GB-1117648-A: Improvements in or relating to silos patent, GB-1118080-A: Improved swab cup patent, GB-1118833-A: Self-adjusting brake actuating mechanism patent, GB-1119967-A: Improvements in and relating to a land or under water pipe line patent, GB-1120483-A: Natural gas purification patent, GB-112065-A: Improved Flexible Bracket or Hose for Gas or Liquid Fuel Burners or the like. patent, GB-1120884-A: Machine for manufacturing electrical contact plates and product thereof patent, GB-1120960-A: Improvements in mounting of hardware on axial flow compressor casings patent, GB-1121047-A: Closure for pressure vessels patent, GB-1121126-A: Improvements in or relating to socket fittings patent, GB-1121409-A: A process for the preparation of articles from expanded polyvinyl aromatics patent, GB-1121691-A: Improvements in pivoted windows patent, GB-1121824-A: Pipeline leak detector patent, GB-1122082-A: Polyglycidyl ether-containing compositions patent, GB-1122970-A: Foam-forming and foam-stabilizing composition patent, GB-1123263-A: Preparation of ª‡-(1-acylated-3-indolyl) aliphatic acids patent, GB-112329-A: The Recovery of Ammonium Chloride from Ammoniacal Liquour with the Extraction of Cyanides and other Valuable Products. patent, GB-1123465-A: Process for the chromatographic separation of gases and/or vapors patent, GB-1123917-A: Improvements in or relating to a.c. peak voltmeters patent, GB-1123932-A: An improved rivet patent, GB-1124309-A: Method of making spinneret plates patent, GB-1126049-A: Improvements in or relating to electric choke coils patent, GB-1126304-A: A serving tray patent, GB-1126317-A: Novel 19-alkenyl-steroids and a process for the manufacture thereof patent, GB-1127482-A: Screen printing machine patent, GB-1128232-A: Reversing gear for marine main engine patent, GB-1128424-A: O-isopropoxyphenyl n-chloroacetyl-n-methyl-carbamates and pesticidal compositions containing the same patent, GB-1129030-A: Epoxy resin moulding compositions patent, GB-1129299-A: Composition and method for the prophylactic treatment of parturient paresis patent, GB-1129486-A: An electric switch patent, GB-1129522-A: Electric motor patent, GB-1129631-A: Trough system for evaporative heat exchangers patent, GB-112989-A: Improvements in Facepieces for Optical and other Sighting, Observation and like Instruments. patent, GB-1131733-A: A fluid-pressure actuated control device patent, GB-1131937-A: A process for improving and enhancing the palatability of foods, seasonings or beverages patent, GB-1132353-A: Shaping of polyurethane foams patent, GB-1132993-A: Photoconductive material patent, GB-1133248-A: Apparatus for detaching batches of cotton or the like from a bale patent, GB-1133653-A: Improvements relating to apparatus for dispensing chemical dosing solutions patent, GB-1133703-A: Improvements in light sources patent, GB-113404-A: Improvements in or relating to Toys, Kindergarten Appliances and the like. patent, GB-1135336-A: Novel benzdiaz[1,4]epine derivatives and processes for the manufacture thereof patent, GB-1135429-A: An expansible container for tea leaves and similar infusible matter patent, GB-113560-A: patent, GB-1135804-A: Process for preparing 2,5-diacylamino-3,6-diamino-1,4-benzoquinones patent, GB-1135932-A: Liquid fuel injection pumps patent, GB-113608-A: Improvements in Method of Producing Wickerwork and like Articles. patent, GB-113691-A: Improvements in and connected with Brake Systems. patent, GB-1137258-A: Improvements in or relating to textile spindle assemblies patent, GB-113756-A: patent, GB-1138426-A: Purification of formaldehyde patent, GB-1138724-A: Improvements in or relating to vinyl products and the production thereof patent, GB-113880-A: Apparatus for use in Effecting the Attachment of Cutters to the Lids, or Covers, of Tobacco Tins and similar Containers. patent, GB-1139176-A: Wax mixtures patent, GB-1139800-A: A new or improved fluid-pressure actuator patent, GB-1139811-A: Improvements in or relating to railway track apparatus patent, GB-1140288-A: Metal enclosed switchgear patent, GB-1140497-A: A tensioning device for chains or the like patent, GB-1141293-A: Cephemoic acids and derivatives thereof patent, GB-1141692-A: Improvements in or relating to atomisers patent, GB-1141812-A: Colour photographic materials patent, GB-1144864-A: A pipe having means for controlling fluid flow therethrough patent, GB-1145385-A: Reactive azo dyes patent, GB-1145991-A: Improvements in and relating to methods of manufacturing electrical circuit arrangements patent, GB-1147584-A: Snack products patent, GB-1149226-A: Rock anchoring device patent, GB-1149528-A: Improvements in or relating to breathing apparatus patent, GB-1149899-A: Improvements in or relating to the aluminising of steel patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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