Fluorescence sensing type magnetic powder flaw detector


PURPOSE: To enhance fluorescence magnetic flaw detection accuracy to a large extent because the effect of disturbance light can be almost eliminated and to make a magnetic powder flaw detector compact. CONSTITUTION: In a fluorescence sensing type magnetic powder flaw detector, an ultraviolet ray source 1, the half mirror reflecting the light emitted from said ultraviolet ray source 1, the condensing lens 3 condensing the reflected light of the mirror 2, the filter device 4 provided in opposed relation to the condensing lens 3 so as to hold the mirror 2 between the device 4 and said lens 3 to select the fluorescence in a specific wavelength region and a light detecting and amplifying device 5 detecting the fluorescence transmitting through the filter device 4 to photoelectrically convert the same are received in a dark room 7. Further, one end of an optical fiber 6 high in fluorescence transmissivity is connected to the mouth part 3 (reflected light condensing part) of the dark room 7 and a fluorescence magnetic powder flaw detection powder (t) is irradiated with spot light from the fiber 6 and the reflected light from the detection point (a) can be detected as an electric signal by a light detecting and amplifying apparatus 5. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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