Remote monitor device


PURPOSE: To improve the test quality on the installation site of a remote monitor device which monitors an automatic transaction device. CONSTITUTION: When making of a power switch 8 and depression of a buzzer break switch 9 are simultaneously executed to indicate the test mode, the display test of a display part 4 and the continuous ringing test of the a buzzer 7 are repeated; and if the buzzer break switch 8 is operated during this operation, the communication test is started, and thereafter, the display test and the buzzer continuous ringing test are started again by operating the buzzer break switch 9, and the test mode is released by breaking a power switch 8. This remote controller 12 is so constituted that the interrupted ringing test is started when depression of the buzzer break switch 9 is detected again for a prescribed time after depression of the buzzer break switch 9 is detected during the continuous ringing test of the buzzer 7. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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