Shift lever device for automatic transmission


PURPOSE: To prevent generation of noise, when a contact member is brought into contact with a check groove, so as to prevent an uncomfortable feeling from being given to a crew by forming a check arm and the contact member of synthetic resin. CONSTITUTION: A contact roller 63 of a check arm 62 is urged so as to be brought into press contact with a check groove 60e by a tension spring 66. At each time a shift lever 10 is shifted to positions of P, R, N, D, II, I, the contact roller 63 of the check arm 62 is engaged in press contact alternatively with the check groove 60e of a position plate 60 by tension of the tension spring 66. Here, the check arm 62 and the contact roller 63 are formed of synthetic resin, so that an uncomfortable feeling can be prevented from being given to a crew without generating a metal noise or the like as in the past when the contact roller 63 is brought into contact with the check groove 60e. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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