Manufacture of amorphous silicon thin film transistor array substrate


PURPOSE: To suppress a surface leakage current on an n - -type amorphous Si layer of which an amorphous Si TFT array substrate is composed. CONSTITUTION: After an n + -type amorphous Si layer is formed on an n - -type amorphous Si layer, the layers are patterned to form an island-shaped semiconductor layer 42 and an island-shaped ohmic layer 20. After a source-drain electrode layer is formed on the ohmic layer 20, an isolation trench which reaches the n - -type amorphous semiconductor layer 42 is formed in the source-drain electrode layer by dry-etching to divide the layer into a source electrode 22 and a drain electrode 24. The surface in the isolation trench in which the semiconductor layer 42 is exposed is subjected to a hydrogen plasma treatment. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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