Exterior type garbage disposal device


PURPOSE: To arrange that a stink may not stay indoors by putting outside immediately garbage generated in the kitchen and to arranged that the garbage can be packed and discarded, and to arrange that the packed garbage may easily be taken out of the pack. CONSTITUTION: A drainboard 1 is arranged outdoors. A sink 3 of a sink stand 2 arranged indoors and the drainboard 1 are connected with each other by means of a discharge duct 4. A net basket 5 which receives garbage that has come flowing together with discharged water from the sink 3 through the duct 4, is housed in the device 1 so as to be capable of being taken in and out. A pack device 6 which packs garbage received in the wire basket 5, is provided adjacent to the drainboard 1. A stock container 8 which receives a garbage pack object 7 packed at the device 6, is arranged at the lower part of the device 6. The stock container 8 is made movable along a rail 9 provided horizontally. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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