Article sorting and carrying out device


PURPOSE:To conduct sorting and carrying out smoothly and efficiently by making article sending out devices receive operation commands and operate on the basis of the signals of a reading machine that is provided on the rear side further than the diverging portions of diverging conveyors and reads carrying out destination indications. CONSTITUTION:Diverging conveyors 15 are provided from a main carrying out conveyor 13, and article sending out devices 16 consisting of such as a pusher are provided in the vicinity of their diverging portions 14. A reading machine 17 such as a bar code reader that reads a carrying out destination indication label L such as a bar code label affixed to an article W, is arranged at the side part of the rearer side than diverging portions 14. On the basis of its reading signal, that is, on the basis of a carrying out destination signal read from a carrying out destination indication label L, an article sending out device 16 that responds to the carrying out destination, sends out to its diverging conveyor 15 the article W when the article W comes to diverging portions 14.




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