Sealing device


PURPOSE: To execute sealing treatment only by operating a sealing indicating section while an ingress and egress manager views a display by providing a sealing section carrying out sealing by a printing surface selected by a printing- surface selecting section to tickets and the like according to a sealing indication. CONSTITUTION: An image data is informed of an ingress and egress manager by a buzzer 23 when the image data is displayed, and the manager confirms contents displayed in a display section 21. When the manager confirms proper contents while collating the contents with tickets and the like 10, the manager operates a sealing indicating section 25. When the sealing instruction is emitted, a printing-surface selecting section 26 controls a sealing section 30, and selects a printing surface to be sealed actually. A required printing surface is selected automatically by sucking tickets 10 such as an identification card into a ticket reading section 15 by the ingress egress manager, and sealing operation can be carried out instantaneously only by making sure an image displayed in the display section 21. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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