Printed board and method of mounting thin electronic parts thereon


PURPOSE: To provide a printed board and a method for mounting thin electronic parts on the printed board which can prevent the occurrence of imperfect mounting at the time of mounting thin electronic parts on the printed board and can reduce the thickness of the electronic parts. CONSTITUTION: This printed board 1 is constituted so that the board 1 can have a recessed section la for housing thin electronic parts 3 and wiring pads 2 extruding into the section 1a. This method for mounting the electronic parts on the printed board contains a process for press-fitting the parts 3 into the section 1a and holding the parts 3 between the wiring pads 2 by bending the pads extruding into the section 1a downward and another process for firmly connecting external electrodes 3a formed on the outside of the parts 3 to the contact sections of the pads 2 with solder paste 4. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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