Inter-multi-protocol lan connector

  • Inventors: MIYAGI HIDEO
  • Assignees: Toshiba Corp
  • Publication Date: December 08, 1992
  • Publication Number: JP-H04354438-A


PURPOSE: To prevent processing performance from being deteriorated even when relay of plural protocols and relay in a data link layer take place simultaneously. CONSTITUTION: A MAC bridge interface 13 having a MAC bridge function and protocol interfaces 14-16 implementing routing in response to each specific protocol (TCP/IP, OSI, DECnet) are connected to a branch line LAN 30 by using transceivers 33-36. The connector is provided with an internal bus 11 being a data relay line of the interfaces 13-16 and a trunk line LAN interface 12 controlling data transfer between the internal bus 11 and the trunk line LAN 20. A microprocessor μP built in each of the interfaces 13-16 implements specific relay processing respectively. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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