Solid-state image pickup element


PURPOSE: To amplify a signal charge and to improve the S/N by providing a current integration means to a signal output line. CONSTITUTION: A current integration circuit 7 integrating a signal charge flowing to a vertical output line 3 is provided and a capacitor 7-2, an operational amplifier 7-1 and a MOS transistor(TR) 7-3 to apply interrupt and connection control between an output and an input of the operational amplifier 7-1 are provided. Thus, a signal charge QS outputted from a photoelectric conversion element 1 to the vertical signal output line is amplified into QS.CT/C f (where CT is a capacitor connecting to a signal output line 3, and C f is a capacitor 7-2 of the current integration circuit 7, and the relation of CT≫C f exists). Thus, the deterioration in the S/N due to thermal noise on the horizontal output lien 3 is sufficiently reduced. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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