Storage device of card-like medium


PURPOSE: To ensure that cards can be stacked and stored even in a deep storage cylinder by providing a pair of rotary shafts with a holding piece on which a charged card is deposited on the right and the left of a card discharging orifice, and allowing the holding pieces to rotate simultaneously to drop the card after stacking a specified number of cards on the holding piece. CONSTITUTION: A guide cylinder 2 which becomes engaged with the interior of a charging orifice in a storage cylinder 1 has windows 31a, 3b to the right and the left, and holding pieces 4a, 4b protrude toward the interior from both sides of each window. Rotary shafts 5a, 5b supporting the holding pieces 4a, 4b are positioned on the outer side of the guide cylinder 2. Discs 6a, 6b are fixed to one end of the guide cylinder 2 and a connecting rod 7 is attached to the discs 6a, 6b, so that the discs 6a, 6b are regulated so as to allow their mutually opposite rotation. A spring 8 is installed between the disc 6a and a frame. If cards are stacked on the holding pieces 4a, 4b after the cards are sent from a chuter S, the holding pieces 4a, 4b rotate resisting the spring 8. Further, if the cards are stacked, the holding pieces 4a, 4b open downward instantaneously and the cards drop into the storage cylinder 2. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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