Magnet powder, and manufacture thereof and resin bonded magnet


PURPOSE: To prevent the degradation, in coercive force, of magnet powder, and to obtain a resin bonded magnet having a high coercive force during the preparation of the resin bonded magnet produced from dispersed magnet powder which includes R, N and T, where R designates one or more elements selected from rare earth elements but comprising Sm as an essential element, and T represents Fe or Fe and Co. CONSTITUTION: A metal coating layer is deposited on at least one part of the surface of a magnet particle which is used as a bonded magnet, and an including region, which comprises constituent elements of the magnet particle, is formed in at least one part of the coating layer. In this region, R-nitride and/or T- nitride is/are formed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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