Image forming device


PURPOSE: To provide an image forming device where the image of excellent quality is obtained by transfer by the use of a contact electrode which is supported to the supporting base of a transfer electric field forming means directly or through an elastic supporting member by preventing permanent distortion from being caused on the contact electrode or an elastic supporting member by bend caused by the abutting of the contact electrode on a transfer material carrying member and decreasing the change of the abutting position of the contact electrode and the reduction of the pressing force thereof. CONSTITUTION: An elastic sheet 22 for dispersing stress is provided between a supporting part by means of the supporting base 19 of a supporting elastic sheet 21 for supporting the contact electrode 20 and the supporting base 19, and the length of the free end of the sheet 22 is made shorter than that of the sheet 21. By providing the sheet 22, the permanent distortion of the sheet 21 is prevented and the change of the abutting position of the electrode 20 on a dielectric sheet 93 and the reduction of the pressing force thereof are decreased, then the image having aimed performance is obtained by the transfer by using the electrode 20. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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