Inspection device using nuclear magnetism resonance


PURPOSE: To make image photographing with high sensitivity and high resolution and perform inspection noninvasively by using a solenoid in the form admitting a hand or wrist, and furnishing if necessary a mechanism to press this hand or wrist. CONSTITUTION: An electrode consisting of a Cu wire is enwrapped on a cylindrical bobbin 300, and a solenoid is fabricated. Fabrication will be easier if circular electrodes 320, 321, 322 are enwrapped on the bobbin 300 and connected aslant using electrodes 323, 324, because it eliminates need for forming spirally. The bobbin 300 is embodied in such a form that its side faces are open so as to admit the hand or wrist 201 of the person to undergo inspection. The bobbin 300 is equipped in its inside with airtight sacks for pressing 601, 602 made of a material with possibility of expansion and contraction, and air, etc., of an appropriate pressure is injected externally into these sacks so as to generate pressing. Thereby image photographing can be made with high sensitivity and high resolution, and inspection can noninvasively be conducted. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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