Delay processable data transfer control system


PURPOSE: To constitute the system the system provided with a transaction processor and a delay processable data processor, so that even in the case a fault is generated in one device, the other device can continue the processing. CONSTITUTION: In a control file 8, a store state of each via-file 9-1 to 9-N is recorded, and in the via-files 9-1 to 9-N, delay processable data to be delivered is stored. When delay processable data 6 is generated, a data store part 7 refers to the control file 8 and determines the via-file for storing it, and stores the delay processable data 6 in the determined via-file. Subsequently, when store in the via-file is finished, its fact is recorded in the control file 8. A data fetching part 10 refers to the control file and fetches the delay processable data from the via-file whose store state is finished, and thereafter, changes the store state so as to become storable. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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