Gyrotron device


PURPOSE: To provide a gyrotron device capable of stable operation and preventing the hazard of equipment breakdown by absorbing the vibration of a collector part due to the boiling of a cooling water with a bellows so as not to transmit it except a collector part, e.g. a resonant cavity part or an electron gun part. CONSTITUTION: In a gyrotron device, an electron gun part 1 for generating an electron beam, a resonant cavity part 2 for performing the interaction with the electron beam in screw motion, a collector part 4 for capturing the electron beam after the interaction, are sequentially combined; the resonant cavity part and the collector part are independently and mechanically held, and both are held and combined in a vacuum sealing manner with a bellows 6 so as to accomplish the above purpose. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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