Odd-shaped sectional-member centrifugal molding machine and molding method


PURPOSE: To mass-produce members made of high strength concrete having deformed sections by using forms forming a molding space having a desired deformed section. CONSTITUTION: Forms 10 are installed to a shell 2, reinforcements are inserted into each molding space, filling spaces 4 are filled with concrete 20, and a cover is mounted at the end section of the shell 2 and closed. A second roller is rotated and driven, and the shell 2 is turned. Consequently, concrete 20 filled is fluidized to the internal surface 2a side of the shell 2 by centrifugal force, and a large number of molding spaces are filled with concrete 20. Air gaps in concrete are crushed by centrifugal force while water having small specific gravity is squeezed out, thus obtaining high strength concrete having high density and a small water-cement ratio. Concrete 20 filled into the molding spaces is consolidated, thus forming an I-shaped sectional member having high strength. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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