Manufacture of solid electrolytic capacitor


PURPOSE: To obtain a solid electrolytic capacitor at low cost by drastically simplifying the process of manufacture. CONSTITUTION: After a dedoped polyaniline layer has been formed on the valve- action metal on the surface of which a dielectric oxide film is formed, an anode is formed by bringing a conductor into contact with the dedoped polyaniline from outside, electrolytic polimerization is conducted in the electrolyte containing a conductive high molecular monomer and a supporting electrolyte, and a conductive high molecular film is formed on the dedoped polyaniline. A polyaniline layer is formed by a simple method such as dipping and the like, and the process can be simplified drastically because a doping process is unnecessitated. An aniline monomer is not wastefully used. Also, a conductive high molecular film can be formed without giving damage to the dielectric oxide film. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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