Pneumatic tire


PURPOSE: To provide a pneumatic tire with an improved engagement condition of a tire with a rim by preventing air from being enclosed between a bead heel and a rim flange. CONSTITUTION: For a pneumatic tire comprising a circular tread part 2, a pair of side walls 3 extended toward the tire radius from both ends of the tread part 2, and a circular bead part 4 to be engaged with a rim 8 formed at an inner end of the side walls 3 along the tire radius, a plural number of exhaust grooves 9 extending along the tire radius are provided at the bead part 4 close to a bead heel applied to a rim flange 82. A length L 1 of the exhaust groove 9 combined with the rim flange 82 is set to be 10mm or more, and an outer end of the exhaust groove 9 along the tire radius is positioned on the outer side of an end edge of the rim flange 82 along the tire radius, so air between the bead heel and the rim flange can be discharged securely while securing the strength and rigidity of the bead part. A width (w) of the exhaust groove 9 is set to be 5mm or more, and a depth (d) is set to be 1.5mm or more and 2mm or less, so an air discharge effect is improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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