Air conditioner for automobile


PURPOSE: To reduce the interruption of a magnet clutch as well as to cool the inside of a car room earlier into comfortableness by adopting an antifreezing controller too, using an air temperature at the downstream of an evaporator, together with a labor-saving controller, using a blowing temperature into the car room, for the discharge capacity control of a variable displacement compressor. CONSTITUTION: This air conditioner consists of a heat exchanger 1, an air-conditioning electronic controller 2 controlling the former, a cooling compressor 3, a compressor electronic controller 4 controlling this compressor and an engine controlling electronic controller 5 or the like as a whole. The compressor electronic controller 4 controls a magnet clutch 31 and a control valve coil 32 of the compressor 3 through information to be received out of the air-conditioning electronic controller 2, the detected value T1 of an inlet temperature sensor 28 of an evaporator 12, the detected value Te of an outlet temperature sensor 29 and the detected value Ne of an engine speed sensor 30. At this juncture, a blowing air temperature is higher than a first temperature and cooling is insufficient, it is selected from a comfortable temperature control, using a cab blowing temperature, to a maximum cooling control using the air temperature at the downstream of the evaporator. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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