Slice thickness adjusting method for magnetic resonance device


PURPOSE: To easily obtain the cross section image of thin slice thickness by superposing two adjacent excitation surfaces and applying an excitation pulse. CONSTITUTION: Both excitation surfaces Sa, Sc have a superposed part, and are classified into the surface A by only the excitaion surface Sa, the surface B on which both the excitation surfaces are superposed, and the surface C by only the excitation surface Sc. When an excitation pulse is applied alternately in order of the excitation surfaces Sa, Sc, Sa... by such a pulse sequence as slace thickness becomes 'a', magnitude of an MR signal from the surface A is determined by a repeat time of Sa-Sa, and magnitude of the MR signal from the surface B is determined by a repeat time of Sc-Sa. When an application interval time of the excitation pulse is set uniformly, for instance, in the case of the pulse sequence of the excitation surface Sc, the repeat time of Sc-Sc becomes two folds of the repeat time of Sa-Sc. In such a way, at the time of photographing an MR image, the excitation pulse is applied so that the excitation surfaces are superposed, the repeat time is different in the right half and the left half of the excitation surface, that which is short in the repeat time can disregard the generated MR signal, and the MR image is obtained by slice thickness of thickness of half of the excitation surface. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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