Self-propelled intelligent material


PURPOSE: To obtain the subject material, capable of expressing function while moving in intellectual response to environment sensed with itself by integrating a micro-sensor with a micro-actuator in a self-organizing system. CONSTITUTION: A liposome prepared by integrating three of a lipid double membrane, a micro-sensor and a micro-actuator in a self-organizing system, forming closed vesicles and holding a drug therein. The material is capable of sensing a substance specific for cells of affected parts with the own micro- sensor, judging the target site of the target cell based on concentration gradient of the aforementioned substance, interlocking with the micro-sensor, actuating the own micro-actuator, thereby accurately approaching to the affected parts and releasing the drug held in the interior thereto. A micro-sensor responsive to stimulation from the external world such as molecules, ions, heat, light or pH is used as the micro-sensor and the micro-actuator is constructed from a biological model of muscular contracting and ciliary movement, etc. The application to, methods for forming patterns, biocomputers, etc., is expected from the aforementioned material. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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