Ink ribbon for color hard copy


PURPOSE: To shorten the length of an ink ribbon by forming a ribbon of the last printing color among respective colors used in the printing of one screen so as to make the same longer than a ribbon of other printing color. CONSTITUTION: Driving force is supplied to only a taking-up bobbin 13 through a taking-up reel and, after the printing of the last color is completed, a supply reel engaged with a supply bobbin 12 is locked and the taking-up reel is driven to take up the taking-up bobbin 13 to remove the slackening of a ribbon. The length of each of ribbons of yellow (Y) and magenta (M) being the first and second printing colors is set to length short by the difference c-b of slackening removing surplus length with respect to the length (l) of a ribbon of cyan (c) being the last printing color. Therefore, the use length in the printing of one screen becomes short as compared with the conventional one in the printing of one screen. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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