Manufacture of positive plate for lead storage battery


PURPOSE: To prevent the dispersion of battery quality in the manufacture thereof by causing the adherence of a new paper sheet to both sides of a positive plate immediately after a positive grid body is filled with paste, and removing the sheet immediately after pressing the positive plate with a roller. CONSTITUTION: A positive grid body 1 is carried on a conveyor 2 and filled with paste 3 from a hopper 4. Then, when the grid body 1 passes between two pressing rollers 5 and 6, new paper sheets 7a and 9a fed from rolls 8a ad 10b are made to adhere to both sides thereof, and immediately pressed with the rollers 5 and 6. Paper sheets 7b and 9b are removed immediately after pressing, and taken up by the rolls 8b and 10b. Consequently, an amount of water content removed from the paste 3 can be controlled with sheet quality and a pressing force, and can be kept at an optimum value, thereby enabling quality dispersion to be lessened. In addition, a new paper sheet of uniform quality and thickness is always used, and uniform pressing is ensured at all times, thereby making the thickness of a positive plate free from dispersion. According to the aforesaid construction, the dispersion of residual discharge and recovery capacity can be made small. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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